Range Officers play a big role in the success of USPSA. The North Carolina Section coordinates certification courses in each year.

If you’re interested in earning your USPSA Range Officer (RO) or Chief Range Officer (CRO) certification, please submit your details below. Submitting your information allows us to be able to understand where in the state there is a nee for courses and who is interested in earning their certification.


A Range Officer Course for USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) is designed to train individuals to be able to effectively and safely run practical shooting matches. The course covers the rules and regulations of USPSA, as well as safety protocols and procedures for match setup, scoring, and communication with competitors.

The course typically spans two days and consists of both classroom instruction and hands-on training on the range. During the classroom portion, participants learn about the various divisions, equipment rules, scoring and penalties, and how to effectively manage a match. They also learn about the role of the Range Officer (RO) and the responsibilities associated with running a match.

During the range portion of the course, participants are trained on how to properly set up stages, reset targets, and communicate with competitors. They also learn how to identify and manage safety violations and how to score matches accurately and efficiently.

Upon completion of the course, participants must pass a written exam and a practical exam to become certified Range Officers for USPSA. Certified Range Officers are essential to the safe and efficient operation of practical shooting matches, and they play a critical role in ensuring that the sport remains enjoyable and challenging for all participants.