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Staff Facebook Group

If you’re on Facebook, be sure to join our staff facebook group to stay updated on the conversation leading up to the match.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Match Director, John Royer: 704-677-3202
  • Section Coordinator, Stephanie Berry: 919-417-3845

Major Match Handbook

Whether you’re a major match veteran or this is the first major match you’ve ever worked, we ask that all staff read through our Major Match Handbook so that everyone is on the same page about how stages will be run, what the responsibilities of all staff are, and provide guidance on how to run an amazing match.

Food & Beverage

Water will be supplied for all staff and competitors during the match. However, we need help from staff to supply the coolers for each stage. If you can bring a cooler for the stage that you’re working, please sign up here.

Lunch will be provided for staff on the days that they are working, Thursday through Sunday. Only staff working through the weekend (F, S, Su) will have lunch supplied on Friday during the staff match. A sandwich assortment of boxed lunches will be provided by McAlister’s Deli and Firehouse Subs. A runner will bring lunches to each of the stages so that staff will not have to leave their stage.

Lunch Breaks

Assuming everything is running on schedule, there is a dedicated 30-minute period during the matches on Friday and Sunday for staff to eat and change targets on their stage. There is not a dedicated period on Saturday between the two matches. Hopefully things will be running ahead of schedule, but if they are not please focus on getting the stages reset first.

Staff Schedule

Coming soon…

Staff Assignments

Staff Gifts

After the match on Friday, staff will meet outside of the registration building at 4:00pm where staff shirts and gifts will be distributed.

Staff Shirts

Staff shirts should be worn on Saturday and Sunday.

Please try on your shirt as soon as you’re able. We have a handful of additional shirts available for exchange.

Staff Photo

Will will be taking a staff photo at 8:45am before the match on Sunday. Please wear your shirt and meet outside of the registration building.

Staff Payment

After the match concludes on Sunday and your stage has been broken down, stop by the registration building to receive your check.