About the North Carolina Section


The North Carolina Section is currently in the process of becoming a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on the coordination of the clubs in the state of North Carolina as outlined by our bylaws in conjunction with the bylaws of the national organization we are part of.

Our major events each year are:

1. The support of United States Practical Shooting National Range Officer Institute Training Seminars.
2. The training of junior competitors with an annual junior camp to assist juniors in becoming better skilled in our sport.
3. Production and management of a Sectional Championship matches for USPSA and Steel Challenge.

In addition to the major events, we also have other responsibilities as related to the distribution of slots to the various national championship matches.

The organization also provides support to our clubs and provide mentoring for new clubs to assist in growing our sport.

The organization is structured with a Section Coordinator elected by the Executive Committee and other positions as defined by our bylaws.
The Executive Committee is comprised of the club presidents or their contacts and meets at least annually typically at the section

Read the NC Section Bylaws