Favorite Sites and Links

Favorite Sites

This started as Dan Bone’s favorites somewhere around 2003-2004.  Many sites have since come and gone (thanks to readers like you!) and now it looks like this.  Some of these are nice places to visit, some daily, some just when you need some specific information.  The point is you don’t have to make mistakes on equipment, reloading or shooting.  Learn from others’ experience. Check out some of these forums or send some feedback with your questions.

USPSA  – The sanctioning body of our sport. In this website you’ll find all the details of the sport. (Or click on the USPSA logo on the botton of any page here.)
Steel Challenge  – 
The sanctioning body of an all steel shooting sport. In this website you’ll find all the details of the sport.
Glock  – 
The GLOCK only shooting sport. In this website you’ll find all the details of the sport.

1911  – 
Lots of neat talk about guns & stuff.
Sig  – 
Lots of neat talk about Sigs & stuff.
CZ forum  – 
Lots of neat talk about CZs & stuff
Brian Enos  – Lots of talk
Pistolsmith.Com  – 
For those of you who think they know what they’re doing with gunsmithing
AR15.COM  – 
Lots of neat talk about AR’s


Triangle Tacticle Podcasts  – An official supporter of the North Carolina Section.

BROWNELLS – Just about anything you could possibly need. Covers just about all types of weapons
Shooters Connection – USPSA gear, always in stock, always the right price
Speed Shooters International – IPSC gear
G Code – Jacksonville based holster manufacturer
POF USA – AR15 parts, guns, and more.

Cylinder & Slide
Accuracy Speaks, Inc.
P.F. Custom Guns
Dawson Precision

GT Target  – 
Manufacturer of our steel targets
Target Barn  – Good supplier of USPSA/IDPA targets
MGM Targets  – Some of the finest steel targets money can buy
North Wood Shooting Sports  – More targets for your shooting pleasure

Dillon Reloading  – The best reloading presses made
Midway  – Very good reloading prices.  But you pay shipping
Wideners  – Reloading and shooting supplies

AmmoMan  – Man, could I use some ammo, man!
AmmoForSale  – Supports our sport!
Georgia Arms, Inc. Ammunition and Reloading Headquarters  – Good prices on loaded ammo
Widener’s Reloading & Shooting Supply  – Lots of goodies to shop

Raleigh Firearms Training