OK, we've just dragged keys down the side of our shiny USA car, now let's elect someone that will put our USA car in the body shop.

Why can't the libtards find someone under, say 70, to run?  Are the pipelines that dry?  We ARE in trouble...

Why in the hell would anyone think the government can run health care?  That can't even run the post office.  UPS and FedEx are profitable, but the USPS is just, well, sad...  $100B (yes Billion) in unfunded liabilities.  And due to this, it loses money.  And you want to trust them with health care?  YOUR health care?  How friggin's stupid can we possibly be?  The private sector is ALWAYS more effective, accountable, etc.  The government is NOT accountable, at least not anymore.



Gun control is not about guns; it is about control.  This is not a new idea, but politicians, either party, are all about control, and they will kowtow to what they perceive as their party's wishes and desires.  Hence our need to continue to make our desires known to our elected representatives.

While we're talking about control... Obamacare is not about health care.  It is not about health insurance (and they are different).  It is about control.

What do these protesters want?  Why won't the MSM stop a couple and ask them to list what it is they want?  While we're talking about the MSM, why won't they stop fanning the flames in the this corner, and get back to the IRS scandal, the Benghazi debacle, the abuse (and total misunderstanding of) administrative autority?  Our MSM is dangerously close to being a state run machine, just like in all those failed socialist regimes of the past.