In response to all of the emails and phone calls I have been receiving since the tragic incident at the elementary school in Newtown, CT, I have composed an email that should answer all of the questions I have gotten. This is NOT simply for the LEOís here, though it certainly applies to them as well as the rest of us who have decided to take responsibility for our safety, and for the safety of our loved ones.


When we answered the call to be a sheepdog in this society we knew, or should have known, that it wasn't easy.  Given the amount of ridicule it usually comes with by those that are or live among the sheep.  We were then and are now looked at by the sheep as if we are the crazy ones because we have chosen to be the people who do the hard and necessary work of keeping evil from taking over completely. Honestly, I usually have neither the time nor the patience to explain myself to the likes of people who sleep comfortably under the blanket of safety that sheepdogs like me and most of you provide by just going about their daily work. But now, simply not listening to the likes of ass-clowns like Martin Bashir, Chrissy Tingles, Special Ed and Soledad O'Brien isnít a viable option seeing as how this tragic incident has lit a fire under a lot of heavy-hitters to just take some sort of action, even if itís the wrong action.


This calling to be a sheepdog came with a number of burdens. Our equipment is sometimes heavy, hot and cumbersome. We have to spend hours and days away from our families over a lifetime of missing Thanksgivings, Halloweens, Christmas programs and birthdays year after year training or working. Some of us get to see the sun rise when we are going home and see it set when we are heading to work. The sheep nor the lambs know the sacrifices of the sheepdog, made to keep them safe. Most donít want to know. They happily go about their lives blissfully unaware of the nature of the world and all of the evil that never reaches them-until it does reach them as this mass murder did. Until now they didnít know about the bad actors, the dark places and the daily stress we face of being out there ensuring that they never know evil.


But these burdens we carry daily are not the heaviest of burdens. Us sheepdogs can't be everywhere at once. Sometimes the sheep are on their own, and evil people know this. They choose to attack at that moment because they know that there will be no one there to stop them. If someone has an insatiable darkness in their heart, there is no law given by man or God that will stop them in their quest to act upon their terrible desires. There never has been and there never will be. Period. Cain killed Abel and the cause was evil in his heart, not the instrument used to slay his brother.


Out of sheep, sometimes a sheepdog spontaneously arises. God Bless Victoria Soto for knowing that she was a miracle that day for those survivors. God Bless Maryrose Kristopik for doing what she could that day and being a miracle for her music class. God Bless Principal Dawn Hochsprung and school psychologist Mary Sherlach for running toward the sound of gunfire and being a miracle to their entire school. They moved to stop an armed man engaged in the rapid mass murder of little children armed only with their fists.


As Sheepdog's our greatest burden, carried every day, is the knowledge that at the moment evil appears, we cannot always be there in time to stop it. That evil will be able to wreak havoc and by the time a Sheepdog arrives, the damage will be done and the evil men who have done evil deeds will be long gone. It is, without a doubt, the emptiest feeling in the world.  Sheepdogs bear this burden because we know evil, we know that it sometimes pays a visit to the most cherished of places. The tools needed to stop evil when used by evil men are not the problem. We don't need to know why evil is or why evil does or what evil will do. The problem is evil itself, and the people that embody it and act on it. It cannot be negotiated away, it cannot be wished away and it cannot be legislated away. Evil does not just go away. The only way to stop evil, and evil people, is to meet that evil, shake it, stomp it and if it is moral, kill it.


Lastly, please do not fall into the trap of developing a mindset that this kind of evil will virtually disappear if we allow new firearms legislation to proliferate in our society because the truth is actually just the opposite. My final word on this matter is that I do not and will not endorse any kind of knee-jerk firearms legislation that has been sugar coated to make it appear that citizens are somehow Ďsaferí because the government has restricted our access to a certain type of firearm. Those who have been asking my opinion can now stop asking because I will not change my mind. I cannot begin to imagine what the children, teachers and parents of that community have been through and are still going through, but my heart goes out them. With that being said, the instrument used is not the problem, evil is.




Chad Thompson