Match Director: Martin Little
Creedmoor (Raleigh), NC
Home: (919) 846-6740
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Seven, no eight challenging stages on the first Saturday of every month.  Come out and shoot with us.  Registration at 9AM, walk-through and safety briefing at 10AM.

Also a NEW USPSA Rifle match to be held on the 5th Saturday:

Rule Book (apparently not available on anymore)

USPSA Rifle Match

The USPSA Rifle match will be held on the 5th Saturday of each month. It will follow the USPSA rule book and safety rules. The match will recognize Standard, Tactical, and Open divisions. A rifle match is the same as the USPSA handgun match but using rifles instead of handguns. Until USPSA recognizes a rifle classification we will use the Lewis system in each division to determine the awards (match credits).


The match will be set up on Saturday morning, walk through will begin at 10:00AM, and shooting will start after the walk through. There will typically be 4 to 7 stages. Bring a case to carry your rifle in between stages. After showing clear you will bag your rifle. We will try to have table set up on each stage to set your bagged rifle on.

The match will cost $20.00 for non‐members and $15.00 for members (same as the handgun match).


We will need four volunteers (which will shoot for free) to design and set up stages.

We will need a volunteer score keeper as well whom will also shoot for free.


After the match the competitors will ensure the range is returned to the condition in which it was found (clean up our mess).


Please contact Robert Walker with questions or to volunteer to help:





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